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DC Chapter welcomes new Social Chair, Mila Shelehoff

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

DC Social Chair - Mila Shelehoff

The DC Chapter is happy to announce its newest member of the leadership team with Mila Shelehoff joining as chair of the Social Committee. Mila works out of Marriott HQ in Global Design for the Americas. She is excited to jump in and bring her experience and passion to this position to put together a great lineup of social events and activities.

Mila is an architect, an artist-educator, a social activist, and a mother of a kindergartener. She was born in Ukraine, and after moving to the U.S. and throughout her career, she has felt compelled to share her passion with the community. While holding a full-time design manager position with Global Design-Americas, her free time is spent running social initiatives and planning programs for children and adults, including:

When asked why she was interested in volunteering her time, she responded, "Community engagement is vitally important to me, as it demonstrates the power of people to come together and act on their own behalf. [It] is the cornerstone of holistic and long-term impact on any social initiative."

"We are thrilled to have Mila join us," said Brad Benton, Chairperson of ONE, "she's a great example of someone volunteering for something she's passionate about. Volunteerism is the cornerstone of ONE's success."

If you're interested in volunteering, please contact someone on the ONE Council or email onemarriott@marriott.com

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