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ONE Award Nominees Announced

2017 ONE Awards Chapter of the Year winner - Miami

The ONE Council is pleased to announce the nominees for the 2018 ONE Awards. These awards consist of Member of the Year and Chapter of the Year. Nominations are completed by fellow ONE members for both awards, and all nominations are reviewed and the winner selected by the ONE Council. Nominees must meet certain criteria for the award to be considered, and nominations walk through a series of questions that demonstrate how the member or the chapter lives up to the ONE vision.

The ONE Awards are in their fifth year and have always been announced in November at the annual ONE Gala since their inception. The awards were created by the ONE Council as a special way to recognize members and chapters who go above and beyond in living and breathing the ONE mission. "As a fully volunteer organization we knew there had to be some unique way to recognize those that were just doing exceptional work, all in the name of Marriott's diversity and inclusion," says Brad Benton, ONE Council Chairperson. "We have some extraordinary individuals and chapter teams who are so dedicated to our mission, and this is just an exciting way to bring light to their efforts."

This year's winners will be announced on November 9, 2018 at the ONE Awards in Washington, DC. The annual Gala is being held at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel. The 2018 nominees are:

Member of the Year

Alan Barcus

Jake Paulmaus

Jan Matan

Mark Cubillos

Michael Oberender

Mitch Delgado

Rodney Bennett

Vanessa Powers

Chapter of the Year

Dallas / Fort Worth



San Antonio

Visit the ONE Awards website for full details.


ONE Marriott

ONE is the official lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, and straight ally associate network of Marriott International, Inc. comprised of Marriott associates and franchise employees. Since its inception in November 2010 by 15 founding members, the group has cultivated a focus to serve as a voice for LGBTQ associates and their allies, as well as to create a supportive network for a community that had no formal representation before within the company.

With over 2,500 volunteer members in more than 20 chapters around the world, ONE continues to move forward in seeking new ways to:

  • Develop community among members

  • Increase the diversity mindset to include LGBTQ issues, and

  • Assist in unleashing revenue opportunities with concentrated marketing and sales efforts within the LGBTQ community

ONE embodies Marriott’s long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion within its own membership. Over 56 percent of ONE’s membership is made up of straight allies. Sixty percent are women and close to 10% of members live outside of the United States.

Associate Networks within Marriott International are ongoing, associate-initiated teams that form around a broad range of common interests. These networks provide the opportunity to informally connect with other associates in order to grow both personally and professionally. These teams are self-directed and funded by their members.

To learn more please go to www.onemarriott.com; like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @onemarriott, Instagram and LinkedIn. Statements or articles posted by ONE are not official positions or opinions of Marriott International.


Brad Benton

ONE - Chairperson


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