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Fort Lauderdale Chapter shows unique display of support for students

ONE banner signed with encouraging messages to Parkland students

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL: The ONE Chapter in Ft. Lauderdale, FL turned a recent purchase for Pride on the Beach into a show of support for students recently affected by the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. The chapter just recently participated in the annual Pride on the Beach where they had purchased a banner donning the ONE logo for their booth. Shortly after the high school shooting tragedy, the chapter discovered an opportunity to repurpose the banner.

Rob Beattie, Recreation Supervisor - Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Chairperson for the ONE Ft. Lauderdale chapter, received word of an opportunity from a friend whose child attends Stoneman Douglas High School. As a show of support, Beattie's friend asked if they could hang the chapter’s banner in the school’s hallway of support when they returned to school. In just a few days, the staff of both the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and the Courtyard Ft. Lauderdale rallied to sign words of encouragement on the banner to then provide it to the school. What was initially a temporary installment, the banner will hang in the hallways alongside many other banners from the local community.

The staff at Harbor Beach Resort Marriott have strong ties to Stoneman Douglas High School since many families from the school belong to the hotel’s beach club. In addition, the hotel is the annual host for the Stoneman Douglas senior prom. Beattie explained, "The people that work in our hotels are a part of their local community. This was such a simple way our ONE members could quickly rally local Marriott International associates to show support for these kids and families affected and let them know we are thinking of them."

"This is just a great example of how our chapters pull through our overall mission of ONE by engaging and supporting their local communities. I commend Rob and the chapter members on this effort of support," say ONE Chairperson, Brad Benton. "This was such a senseless tragedy, but hopefully this sign of support is just a small part of the healing process these students face."

The support by these associates doesn’t stop here. March for Our Lives has been organized by the students of Stoneman Douglas on March 24. Beattie says ONE and other Marriott associates will also march with them, along with a new ONE banner.



ONE is the official lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, and straight ally associate network of Marriott International, Inc. comprising Marriott associates and franchise employees. Since its inception in November 2010 by 15 founding members, the group has cultivated a focus to serve as a voice for LGBTQ associates and their allies, as well as to create a supportive network for a community that had no formal representation before within the company.

With over 2,300 volunteer members in 20+ chapters around the world, ONE continues to move forward in seeking new ways to:

  • Develop community among members

  • Increase the diversity mindset to include LGBTQ issues, and

  • Assist in unleashing revenue opportunities with concentrated marketing and sales efforts within the LGBTQ community

ONE embodies Marriott’s long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion within its own membership. Over 56 percent of ONE’s membership is made up of straight allies. Sixty percent are women and close to 10% of members live outside of the United States.

Associate Networks within Marriott International are ongoing, associate-initiated teams that form around a broad range of common interests. These networks provide the opportunity to informally connect with other associates in order to grow both personally and professionally. These teams are self-directed and funded by their members.

For more information on ONE, please go to our website at www.onemarriott.com or Facebook Page, and engage with us on Twitter and Instagram @onemarriott Statements or articles posted by ONE are not official positions or opinions of Marriott International.


Brad Benton

ONE - Chairperson

E: onemarriott@marriott.com

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